The Craftsman

New Bodies or 
Restoration of Originals


Each body includes the following:

  • In-Body Top Irons
  • Body Brackets
  • Hinges
  • Firewall
  • Floorboards
  • Tack Strips

All sheetmetal parts are primed and the complete body is ready for detailing, paint, and upholstery.


Note: When brass/bronze casting is used to reproduce a bracket or other part, these castings are provided "as-is" except where machining is necessary to make the part installable on the body. All cast part detailing is left to the customer.


Paint services are available for all bodies at extra expense. Please contact the factory for pricing details.


Upholstry services are available through a local professional who has many years experience and technical know how. Please contact the factory for contact information.


Bodies are shipped at owners expense worldwide. We typically have recomendations for shipping companies but the responcibility to setup the shipping arrangements rests with the customer. The cost of the shipping crate is extra and depends on the size off the body. Please contact the factory for current shipping information.

F.O.B. San Diego, CA